Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sheikh Hasina The Real Fighter

Before entering politics SK.HAsina was a simple women. But sacrifice she make her life for all. Her life not only belongs to her but also the human civilization.
A women who hast lost most of the people of her family with in a night, till that moment she is fighting for the right of human being . its called work for peace. If there is anybody in bangladesh she is the one who can be honored by NOBEL.

To err is human being. Sheikh Hasina Also deserve the right to make mistake.But what the others intellectuals did last 2 years for the country from Dr.Kamal Hossain to DR.Younus ,civil society etc..is really shocking .on that view we can see a simple women SK.Hasina , how many times she faced Death for the poor people for the country.Those High educated (!) peoples should learn what is patritisom & what is the defination of Leader , from a simple women -- Sheikh Hasina.
Now two nutral news paper is starting new drama with "Two Doctors".After failing with DR.Younus now they started by Dr.Kamal Hossain. 70th birth day indicates that.

Conspireacy against bangali is not new today. there are 14 crore ppl.28 crore hands .
they knows "Ke prodhan montritto chay r ke jonogoner Odhikar chay ".

The person who wins love of millions, is immortal.

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