Saturday, August 23, 2008

21 e february is a hinduani dibosh , In the eyes Of Advisor Matin !!

This is two pages from a Book written by advisor matin. Where it is clear about the impression about 21 st february, he noted it here as it is a hinduani dibosh & the concept he deserve about India is same as concept deserve islami terrerists . How has he insult 21 feb ? strnage ?
I think the marked line are the answer of so many questions like :
## Why freedom fighters are getiing arrested at Jail gate when Nijami is having wellcome with flowers
## Why the Gov is silent after Kicking The Freedom Fighters ?
## Why the Jamat & jamat Backed people are arrested with Low crime ?
## Why The Gov is not freindly to punished the War criminals ?
## Why The Gov is Not freindly to go for a fair election ?
I hope this Book will make clear to Bangladeshi people that Matin is a agent Of jamat & Jamat is connected with HUJI . They will never Go for any election & punishment of war criminals. Should we keep silent still ??