Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dear Friends
we ahould raise our voice why Joint force arrested him ..JF will have to answer it to the nation .
Untill This situation changed i think this type of incidence will be continue.Because i told before a class there is in this GOVT who wants a confrontation with people.It was a expectation of Pakistan.Becase trouble in bangladesh means trouble in the middle of India as it surrounding Bangladesh.If India gets trouble Pakistan will be profited.Yet The JAMAT leders are fine & the barring agaings SK.Hasina , to some extebt there is a relation between this incidence i think.
Other wis ewithout any notice A blogger will be arrested --why ??If the Govt takes more time for Election then this GOVT will croos these phases to Civil war.It should be stoped & thats why permition of indoor politics is essential.And the Govt shouldn increase more problems.Govt should go against corruption that threat fair election , i think.
It is quite impossible forthis Govt to establish again Reign of Terror. There are 14 crore people.Its a bad time running & running to a More hard time as the dryness already creating problem to grow crops.
So the Govt should have a pressure to go for a FAIR ELECTION.

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