Monday, May 28, 2007

Confussion about the Aim Of Govt.

Hasina Said "The drive of the government is not against corruption, it seems it's a drive against politics."

Absolutely correct. becaz if we compare the the number of arrested people in politics & in Govt employee we can have the answer. It seems politicians are the sorce of corruption. Invisible god is more powerfull. The gov officers,businessman & so on those who use politician, those who use arms on the shoulder of politicians are in safe. Rediculas.

How long do people have to endure? The activities of this government are crossing the limits of tolerance by the day. People want elections, democracy. They don't want a suffocating situation anymore."
Its also a important point. Now its the most important facts. Rather than solving the problem of essentials' prices low ,arrangement of fair election, arresting corrupted people They are running behind politicians. I am not talking that there is some one in the Gov like Ershad or ZIa but the way govt is walking is extreemly wrong. And the question is who advises the GOV & why this Gov doing these.
Yet we dont have any specific answerwhy Gov is running beyond politicians but we know its wrong .So its the time to stop gov from anti-political role.

Press Secretary to the Chief Adviser, Syed Fahim Munaim, yesterday said the government is becoming increasingly concerned over the price spiral of fuel on international markets but is yet to find a way to rein in the ever-increasing prices of edible oil along with other essentials.
He said, "Domestically, there is no shortage of supply (of essentials), so the problems are somewhere else." He added that people need to be patient as it would take time for government policies to have impact on the market.

Hasina Said "People want to know how much the government has done for reform in four and a half months."

Now the Gov should also explain about the corruption in civil service.In the civil service the corruption become a apart.what about the other sector in Defense , NGOS, business...every sector..Lots of gov chunoputi oficer who can buy a politician . where they gone . I am not talking that this gov didnt take step against them , but Govt should explain it.

And one thing more how does it look. when they barred against Hasina there were also romour about the presasure upon Khaleda.
when they arrest aome one from BNP they also do to from AL. I mean there is process of balancing -one is from BNP & one is from AL. Its a process to make politics hard for politician.

Hasina said "The small fries who made fabulous money through corruption are not being arrested. It seems those who earn huge money in an evil way can manage everything." "This government is the fruit of our street movement. Now the sword has come down on us. Just think where the country is moving. "

Hasina doubted a credible election under the government.

Hasina said "He (Jalil) is ill. His arrest came just a day after he said the Awami League would stand by the government." His only fault is, Hasina said, he wrote letters to several embassies in Dhaka, wanting to know how political parties are given financial assistance from government funds.

I think Govt is lossing its credibility & Govt don care about that.If the gov's aim is a fair election then why Gov dam care about what ZHe is doing ??
Why arresting politician is more important than keep essentials's price low ??
Why arresting politician is more important than arresting others criminals ??

If the govt keep continuing this activities what we should do ? are we not going to a dark future ??


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