Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sajeeb Wazed: Wither Reforms?

Sajeeb Wazed: Wither Reforms?

Its Urgent Dear Mr.Joy

I am teling you something that "" There is a class in this Gov that is pulling this Govt to a confrontation.Jamat leaders are still untouched. Mainul was a Freind of khaleda Zia.before 1975 mainul opposed BAKSHAl when Bangabondhu was alaive.

Fakhruddin is in trouble. This trouble will increase day by day if the election delays.war criminals will be beneficiary by AL internel conflict. They should stop it.The delay of election is rushly pulling the country to the confrontation.If this GOv failed then the Civil War is very close.

There are lots of problem now in country . DSC 4th quarter loan & so on.But gov is creation another more problems ...why caz they want to rule more time. US & UK should concentrate more about hurry election, Anti corruption, and war crimionals punishment ...Now the joint force is not shining like the starting.Now they are busy with harrase AL ppl.

Poor People of bangladesh knows who can fight for their right. If some one wans to get Out from AL , AL wont be affect. He will drown. The internal conflict should subpreess now.


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