Saturday, August 23, 2008

21 e february is a hinduani dibosh , In the eyes Of Advisor Matin !!

This is two pages from a Book written by advisor matin. Where it is clear about the impression about 21 st february, he noted it here as it is a hinduani dibosh & the concept he deserve about India is same as concept deserve islami terrerists . How has he insult 21 feb ? strnage ?
I think the marked line are the answer of so many questions like :
## Why freedom fighters are getiing arrested at Jail gate when Nijami is having wellcome with flowers
## Why the Gov is silent after Kicking The Freedom Fighters ?
## Why the Jamat & jamat Backed people are arrested with Low crime ?
## Why The Gov is not freindly to punished the War criminals ?
## Why The Gov is Not freindly to go for a fair election ?
I hope this Book will make clear to Bangladeshi people that Matin is a agent Of jamat & Jamat is connected with HUJI . They will never Go for any election & punishment of war criminals. Should we keep silent still ??


Rakibul Islam said...

I am really very much surprised. How is it possible that the honourable advisor expressed this kind of expression? I think now we have to call him a great "RAJAKAR" without any hasitation.
Now we came to know that why the caretaker government took no action against that kind of people s who recently insulted seriously the freedon fighter in a recently arrenged programme.
We should really hate this kind of people and the government should take a serious step against them otherwise it will be affect seriously our country.

Arif said...

I am really surprised how Mr Matin became the adviser of CT govt. He is a Razakar and need to resign immediately from the adviser post. How come he insulted our culture, our language movement ? We need to find out who are behind this criminal . All Bangalies should protest this.


jeorge said...

This is most shocking news for us. Our most beloved most respected adviser can think, tell and publish this type of speech. The person who has no respect on our mother tongue, on our country, on our glory, is one of the most powerful men in the country. Ashamed of us, our country, our people and our government.

nizam said...

There are some people who lacks secular vision in performing social, political and cultural actions.
Matin is such a othodox conservative communal man, who however successfully climbed the ladders of life and has ultimately beome an adviser of the interim-government of Bangladesh.
These people are responsible for our backwardness, poverty and perennial social and political instability.
They are worst than Razakars, because Razakars tried only to stop our liberation war and annihilate freedom loving people of Bangladesh, but communal people like Matin block our everything including freedom, development and march towards progress. They fail to realise the significance of the 21st February, the day we all (people of all religion, cast and creed irrespective of political ideology) remember and pay homage to our Language Martyrs through Probhatferri, placing of wreaths at Shahid Minar, singing of Ekhushey songs, discussion meetings etc. My hat off to them who introduced our secular and common rituals to honour the Ekhusy. Let us curse razakars and communal people like Matin.
Brgds Nizam

debasish said...

I am realy very much sorry that i cant keep myself to throw some nasty words to adviser Matin. It is quite impossible for a pure Bangali to say such kind of words against 21st Feb, which is a day of pride and honour. Adviser Matin is not only a great RAJAKAR but also, his origin is from pakistan. Thats why he can say such kind of things. now we can all assume that why the CT govt is not taking any kind of legal steps against JAMATE ISLAMI and their alied groups.

We always become proud to have such kind of history about our language and liberation. But now, from my point of view, if we dont take any kind of steps against adviser Matin type freak people and their alied, them we have a very little time to think ourself proud about our mother tounge and liberation war.

মুজিব মেহদী said...

I think if someone says against any of the national days, he says against the country. How can we respect him as a part of our government?

Nurujjaman said...

I am not surprised at all!!! That question was already arose "why this governmet did not take any meaningful steps against Jamayat?" by the mass people of bangladesh even before it was raised by so called political leaders. We knew that there are some people disguise in this government who actually doesn't believe the existence of Bangladesh!!Shame on them... We just needed some proof and here it is!!! I just believe on that forever words "History repeats and it doesn't forgive the betrayers".
I only can hope the people will create pressure on the government to get rid of those kind of disguised RAJAKARs from government. I don't want to mean that the corrupted political leaders should back on power.

Bauani said...
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Bauani said...

I am really surprised to see it! How is it possible? Oh, My notebook is giving alarm for low battery power. For about last 1 hour, I am surfing Internet on LoadShading... Nothing impossible... when this type of people is in chair... I will back here soon to write my feedback. Till Then Goodbye.

Ahamed Bauani

Anonymous said...

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