Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fakruddin is more preferable than moyeen to US

Lots many people think that US is responsible for the instability in the present world, like Pakistan, Iraq, Korea. The main strength Of Moyeen U ahmed is USA. I think US is not going to support any regime that goes against the sentiment of Bengali people in this time when the nation wants to ban jamat.and by this time if Bush get change from presidency then the dream of Moyeen will be more illusive. US has been badly identified to support army in third world. so USA will chose Fakruddin more than moyeen.

May be Moyeen u ahmed is not going to be the president now. All of them knows very well that they are not able to continue the Gov anymore. They cant bring food for people . They have compromise against the sentiment of Bengali nation. The support behind CTG before 1/11 is not the same today.

i think BNP including reformist Jamat & CTG will be an alliance .BNP will try to free khaleda by joining with Jamat & CTG, as jamat & BNP bron from same womb. Here with help of US back fakruddin BNP will try to come in power.
now fakruddin started to shouting that Election will be held soon. Because Now Its quite impossible to continue the Gov for this regime. In the name of anti-corruption Moyeen U ahmed & mainul is responsible the most. History will remind it why these people did this harm to our mother land .

No crime remains unpunished.

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